The Excluded Ordinary? – Online Quote Overview

This page provides additional examples of quotes illustrating interviewees’ belonging and uniqueness experiences for: P.L. Versteegen (2023). The Excluded Ordinary? A Theory of Populist Radical Right Supporters’ Position in Society. European Journal of Social Psychology. doi:

This online overview gives additional examples of statements that could not be discussed in the paper. While I hope that these illustrations help readers to get a better impression of what the uniqueness component in inclusion experiences is about, I note that in qualitative analysis such text snippets only represent the “raw data” on which an analysis is conducted (Boyatzis, 1998). For the thematic analysis conducted in the present paper, for example, text snippets become only meaningful when discussed in relation to other quotes, statements of other interviewees, and the theoretical concepts of interest.

To see the examples, users can click on the overarching construct (“inclusion”) to find quotes organized by the two inclusion needs (“belonging” and “uniqueness”), and the underlying themes and sub-themes informing the two needs, respectively. For uniqueness, these themes and sub-themes are additionally organized by subgroup. All quotes are presented in German (original) and English (author’s translation). Zoom in and out to better understand the structure of the theory. Place the cursor on a quote to see it in large. You can close an opened node by clicking on it to maintain a better overview.

The overview does not show all quotes informing one theme but a broad selection that is meant to illustrate the complexity and diversity of one theme. If no quote is shown, no text was identified that fit that particular theme (e.g., not all sub-themes are present in all subgroups). Below, you also find the excel-file on which the overview is based.

This tool was created in R, using the package “collapsible Tree” (version 0.1.7), developed by Khan and colleagues (2018). 

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