We Love, They Hate – Online Quote Overview

This site gives additional information on the emotion narratives coded in the paper We Love, They Hate: Emotions in Affective Polarization and how Partisans May Use Them  (under review).

This online overview extends the codebook examples (see paper supplements) with illustrations of the 27 emotions and the 12 different contexts in which they were expressed. Quotes are provided in the German original version and in the English translation. Click on an emotion to see its different contexts, click on a context to see example quotes. To maintain a good overview, you can close the hierarchical branches, respectively, by clicking on opened languages, contexts, and emotions.

Please note that this online overview is meant to provide an additional overview to help readers understand the data, the codes, and how emotion portrayals were used. Therefore, it does not show all coded statements but additional examples for illustration. Moreover, several emotions do not have example statements for all contexts (e.g., I did not find any cases of “loneliness ascribed to the ingroup” or “conversational sadness”). Wherever possible, I tried to give at least three examples and provided a number of examples for frequently occurring emotion-context-combinations.


This overview was created in R, using the package “collapsible Tree” (version 0.1.7), developed by Khan and colleagues (2018).

If you have questions, please contact me at Luca.versteegen@gu.se.